Recap Cincinnati Bengals vs New York Jets

Bengals - 10
Jets - 26

First of all let me say this, Matt Millen have no right to criticize anyone, after his achievements at Detroit. So here is a big FU to you Matt Millen.

The first half, Carson Palmer showed as how terrible his decision making is, I was ready for his younger brother Jordan Plamers to replace him. I mean what was he looking at or what was he thinking when he threw those 2 first half INT's? It was just mind blowing.
I'm just happy the Bengals went into the half with a 7-3 lead. The Bengals are lucky the Jets only have an average offense, because if the Jets had a good offense, they would have taken advantages of the Bengals fuck up. On the other hand I don't need to remind anyone what the Buffalo Bills did to the Bengals in the second half last week.

And the second half turned out exactly how I predicted. Jets making adjustments and the Bengals not making adjustments.
Look on the bright side, the Bengals did make adjustment compared to the last week when they game up 35 points to the Bills in the second half.
I guess losing to a team like the Jets by only 16 points ain't so bad, I'm sure that's what Marvin Lewis reasoning will be.

One specific play was stuck in my mind after the game. It was the 3rd and 14 at Cincinnati 21 in the 4th quarter. Bengals put Gresham at half-back and threw a swing pass, yes the Bengals put Gresham in the backfield and they threw a swing pass. Lets me say that again, its 3rd and 14 and the Bengals put a TE, Gresham in the backfield and throws a swing pass. I mean really a TE? I know he is a good athlete, but damn was that play necessary?

Two costly mistakes by the special teams lead to 14 points.
I was watching the game on an HD television at home and for the life of me I could not tell if that fucking ball hit Andre Caldwell in the fucking helmet or not. So how in the world can a side-line judge make that call? And why the fuck didn't Marvin fucking challenge that call? This is why everyone thinks you are a joke Marvin, you suck, you have no balls, no desire.

The defense did its job today, got couple of sacks, got couple of knock down, played better than they have last couple of weeks. At least the young players are keep making some meaningful play compared to some veterans (R.Geather, Peko). I also have to give credit to the patchwork of Bengals secondary.

The offense continue to struggle, just like it has done the entire fucking season. Hey Bob Bratkowski, I know things have not been working out, so why don't you try something else for a change? Just saying.
Honestly this lose looks likes every other lose in this season, can't put together 4 complete quarters, bad turnovers, bad metal mistakes, the inability to convert on third downs.
And what the fuck is up with Quan Cosby fair catching all the punts inside the 5 yard line? Please, someone fire the special teams coach?

Image: AP Photo/Bill Kostroun
State: ESPN