Recap Cincinnati Bengals vs Indianapolis Colts

Bengals - 16
Colts - 23
Another Bengals game and another disappointing showing. How many games can you start out by putting your self in a hole? Just can't win many games like that.
There is no discipline, no passion, bad turnover, cant convert on 3rd downs, and the list just keeps going on.
The Bengals have all these big time super stars on the team, but on the other side the Colts are ravaged by injuries and have no names. But they do have the most important player in Payton Manning and bunch of people that are football players and that seems to be good enough for them to keep winning football games.
I think its safe to say, we can look back on many of the Bengals game and say they should of have won that game. But good teams find ways to make it happen.
I know the Bengals can't be the best team every time they play, but they could put up a decent fight without looking so lack luster.
Chad had a monster game, Carson had a bad start, then got hot, then got really cold. The defense did what it could to keep the Bengals alive. The special teams did nothing.
I am really curious to find out why they keep putting Quan Cosby back there to return punts and not Bernard Scott? It either a fair catch or no catch, he never seems to make any kind of play.
For all the bad play, bad calls, bad turnovers, and bad penalties, some how, some way the Bengals were still in a position on win the game in the 4th quarter. But another turnover by the rookie TE dashed all hopes of a Bengals win.
Its mind boggling to think with 5 turnovers, the Bengals where in a position to win the game on the final drive.
You can just look at the last drive by the Bengals to realize what is wrong with this team, not protecting the QB with game game on the line and our diva WR walking back to the line of  scrimmage when the clock keeps running. If you don't have a desire to fight until the end, the get the fuck of the team.
If Marvin had any class, decency or balls he would be cutting some players after today's game. But sadly everyone on this team is a mirror image of the owner.

Image: NFL
Stat: ESPN