Recap Cincinnati Bearcats vs Connecticut Huskies

Bearcats - 17
Huskies - 38

The season is almost drawing close, on what has been a disappointing effort.
The Bearcats needed to win their final two games to be bowl eligible.

If the first half play is any indication, that won't be happening. It was brutal to watch a 6'4" 295lb defensive lineman outrun the entire Bearcats offense on an INT.

Bearcats defense still can't get enough stops, especially on third downs. And the offense is not helping out the defense by giving up two turnovers already in the first half.

And it turns out the second half wasn't any better. The defense did it part pave the way for the comeback, but the offense failed. Zach Collaros threw costly INT in the second half.

No team can't win games when you are behind the turnover margin (5 turnovers), and the Bearcats have been on the wrong side of the margin many times this season.

Not much to say after this game, I kept hoping for a comeback, but sadly there was no comeback. UConn kept the ball on the ground and churned out 236 yards. And every time the Bearcats got the ball back, they kept turning it over.

This Bearcats defense can't put pressure on the opposing QB, the offensive line is not good enough and out LB's and DB's can't play zone.

Congratulaiton on UConn for the win and good luck on your journey to a first ever BCS game.

Stat: ESPN