Recap Cincinnati Bearcats vs West Virginia Mountaineers

What is it with this Bearcats football team, are they still having an identity crisis? My God, they have played 8 games, and they still have not figured out what to do on offense, on defense. I know the defense is young with basically no depth, but what about the offense? They put up 7 points against Syracuse and today verses Mountaineers the Cats put up a whopping 10 points.
But the one big factor that makes this team so bad is that the whole team is undisciplined.
Collaros is the best QB in the Big East with 20 TD, we have two outstanding WR's, with a pretty damn good running back. So why is this team struggling on offense? Is it the players, is it the system or is it the game plan by the coaching staff?
I don't see this team finishing any better than 4-8 after watching this performance against W.Virginia.
I foolishly predicted this team winning another Big East title, before the season started. But the offense has not taken charge when it needs to and the young defense has been broken too many times.
Here is my analysis for this game.
First half, the special team played shitty, the offense played shitty, the defense played shitty. Second half the special team did nothing, the offense did nothing, and the defense did nothing.
Image: (AP Photo/Jeff Gentner)
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