Recap Buffalo Bills vs Cincinnati Bengals

Bills - 49
Bengals - 31

How to recap this game?
The Bengals teases everyone for the first half then, spits in our face in the second half.
Yes you can blame in on the injuries, but how can you let a big lead like that against a crappy team like the Buffalo Bills disappear? It is just mind numbing to think about this game.

This is how much the football Gods hate the Bengals, a Whitworth holding penalty wipes out a Palmer to Owens touchdown, then couple of plays later Palmer is picked off in the end zone by the Bills, who runs it back to the Bengals 49. I swear the Bengals just cannot catch a break, and as a fan the only thing I can do is just smile and say that's the Bengals. But I do have to admit the Whitworth holding penalty was a bogus call.

After the Bengals lost three starting DB's, Fitzpatrick started to heat up and eventually he caught on fire.
You can just see the momentum swing to the Buffalo side and it seemed like there was nothing the Bengals could.
After the injuries to the starters what kind of adjustments did the coaching staff make? Seems like to me they did not make any kind of adjustment and that's why Ryan Fitzpatrick was able to put a whooping on the Bengals defense.

The one word I think of after watching this game is "Sickening".
I feel like I have lots to say, but I can't think of the proper words, the only thing I can do is shake my head.

Lets play some blame game, I blame it on Carson, I blame in on Marvin, I blame on the defense, I blame it on the DB's that got injured, I blame it on Mike Brown, I blame it on Gus Johnson, I blame it on my dog, and I blame it on the sweet and sour chicken I ate for lunch today.

Up to this point I have not said the Bengals needs to clean the house, but after today, I think its time to move on with some players. Need some new faces and some new energy.

Stat: ESPN
Image: @StephanieBengal