NRA wants me to join, its so tempting

So I got this letter from NRA asking me to join their membership program. And here is what it said.

"Your constitutional right to own a gun is under attack my anti-gun politicians and administration officials, global gun ban diplomats at the U.N., militant anti-hunting extremists, radical billionaires and the freedom-hating Hollywood elite.
They've vowed to fight on and never surrender...Not until they've banned, confiscated and destroyed our guns, just like in England, Canada and Australia."

I mean is NRA serious with this shit? Just like England, Canada and Australia??? Fuck I never wanna be like those countries, damn all those people with no guns what will they do when their government tires to kidnap their children and rape their wives?

Hey  England, Canada and Australia how are you living with no guns? ~ Really? Life is good.
Do you guys want your guns back? ~ No, no, we don't like killing ourselves.
But did you know your freedom is under attack? ~ Oh, you like it that way, less crime and less killing.

This is dumbest reason I have heard to join the NRA, can't they just say if you like guns come join NRA.
I am pretty sure countries like England, Canada and Australia do not have the same amount of death by guns as America does. So tell me is it worth it?