Cincinnati Bengals Jerome Simpson not a bust?

So the Cincinnati Enquirer wrote an article about  Bengals WR Jerome Simpson this morning, they stated that Jerome is just slow to pick up the speed of NFL and he is also slow to pick up the system. And All Pro Blogger John Thornton agrees with the Enquirer and thinks Jerome is not a bust. But reality shows that its almost over for him.
So lets take look at some stats for Jeromoe and some other WRs drafted after him.
Jerome Simpson: 1 Rec, 0 TD
Earl Bennett: 74 Rec, 2 TDs
DeSean Jackson: 143 Rec, 14 TDs
Early Doucet: 39 Rec, 1 TD
Harry Douglas: 38 Rec, 2 TDs
Mario Manningham: 82 Rec, 8 TDs
Andre Caldwell: 71 Rec, 3 TDs
I could keep on going with the stats, but why waste my time.
Its pretty simple, if you are drafted in the first 3 rounds, you are expected to produce or contribute to the team some how. To me Jerome has not done anything in almost three years for this team. So tell me is he a bust or not?
I'm gonna go out on a limp and say he is a bust because, look at Andre Calwell who was drafted later than, but has produced more than Jerome in the same time span. He has adapted to the speed of the NFL and learned the system. That is why he is out on the field. Also, look at Jordan Shipley, for goodness sake he is a rookie. But he is out on the field every Sunday making plays while Jerome is on the sidelines. So I'm not sure what Thornton and  John Erardi of the Enquirer is smoking but to me Jerome is a bust.
But the real question should not be about Jerome but about the Bengals scouting team, are they a bust or not. Its not Jerome's fault for being drafted too high, its the Bengals non-existent scouts departments fault for drafting him based on highlight reels on youtube?