Whats the big deal if the parents took kids on a drug deal?

David Moore, 25, and Nicole Rycek, 23, both of Cleves, were booked into the Hamilton County jail Thursday on multiple drug and child endangering charges and appeared in Hamilton County Municipal Court on Friday. Both sold $30 in crack cocaine to the police informant in front of their children, who are 3 and 4, on Thursday, according to Cleves police. In addition, Rycek is accused of selling $20 worth of heroin on Sept. 21.Police reports say Moore had two sawed-off shot guns, two pistols, numerous rounds of ammunition and two large baggies of marijuana news.cincinnati

I can't believe these outstanding members of the community would ever take their young children during a drug run. I am just completely baffled.
Lets face it, there is nothing wrong with taking the little ones on a drug run, it will teach them responsibility and awareness from a young age. I'm pretty sure when these kids grow up, there are probably gonna take after their parents anyway.
And how in the world is this child endangerment? I mean he was strapped from head to toe with shot guns and pistols, there was no way he was gong to let his children get hurt.