Recap Miami Dolphins vs Cincinnati Bengals

Another example of a team that is incomplete and unprepared to compete at the highest level.
Last week it was the offense that let the team down, today its the offense that let the team down. There has not been one game where the offense and defense has put a complete game together. And until the Bengals do that they won't win a game.
I got all excited after watching the first drive, so smooth so efficient. The no huddle, hurry up offense was so efficient that the defense had no answer. But what ever the reason, I didn't see the type of energy out of the offense for the rest of the game.
But basically the Dolphins kicker Dan Carpenter, he pretty much beat this team by himself.
Basically here is what it comes down to. The dolphins defensive coordinator figured out what the Bengals offense was doing and he adjusted and on the flip side the Bengals coaches didn't adjust their game plan.
The Bengals defense couldn't stop anyone on third down and the Bengals offense couldn't convert any of their third down at one point they went four straight 3 and out.
It is also safe to say that injuries to the defense played a part in this game, but that should not be used as an excuse for the result. These are all professionals out here, there should not be that much of a drop off from the starters to the second stringers.
Again it was very evident that Bengals lack a true defensive end and an interior defensive linemen. Again they could not generate any kind of pressure on Chadd Henne.
As I'm typing this, I'm watching Marvin Lewis post game press conference, and he does not know what to say and the reporters don't know what to ask. Everyone is probably tired of asking the same old questions and hearing the same old answers. So sad.

Image: NFL
Stat: ESPN