The Cincinnati Bengals Pass Rush Sucks More Than Your Momma

Everyone that watches the Bengals knows that the biggest weakness is the ineffectiveness of the defense to get to the QB. I have touched on this subject before (here), but each week it seems like the Bengals front four cannot create any kind of pressure on the opposing QB and it seems to be getting worse. Is it time to switch to a 3-4 or a different defensive line coach. I really don't know what the solution to the problem is, but the people that are getting paid a lot of money are not doing their job.

Robert Geathers - blows goats, zero sacks
Jonathan Fanene - injured, zero sacks
Domata Peko - blows double goats, zero sacks
Geno Atkins - needs more game time, 0.5 sacks
Tank Johnson - blows goats, zero sacks
Pat Sims - missing, zero sacks
Frostee Rucker - blows goats, 1 sack
Michael Johnson - needs more game time, 0.5 sacks