Prostitute Call Cops When Recipient Didn't Pay

Cincinnati police say a prostitute called them for help when her customer refused to pay for services rendered. When the woman summoned officers to a Camp Washington motel on Monday night, she told them to get there fast because hostages were being held at gunpoint, according to Hamilton County court records. But when police arrived, they arrested two women on prostitution charges. Megan C. Taylor, 20, and Donna Toure, 34, were booked into the Hamilton County jail about 8 p.m. on charges of soliciting prostitution. Taylor faces an additional charge of inducing panic for allegedly making the phony report. news.cincinnati

You dumb bitches. didn't Selma Elmore not teach you all anything? God damn it, if you guys have been reading my blog like you should of, this shit would of never happened.
But in all honesty who thought it would be a good idea to call the cops?  I mean this shit ain't Amsterdam ladies, prostitution is not legal here.
And whats up with the cops lately, they call for assistance, and the cops arrest them? If I'm not mistaken you guys are there to serve and to protect, not to harass and arrest.