Not Much Of A Preview Cincinnati Bengals vs Atlanta Falcons

The Cincinnati Bengals will be at a crossroad when they visit the Atlanta Falcons this Sunday. Either they can rise up and accept the challenge and turn this shitty season in a successful one or they can implode and continue on their journey of being the NFL's biggest underachievers. The panic button has to go off for the Bengals if they hope to have any chance of making the playoffs.
Atlanta is a very good home team, but they are beatable. They got beaten by Jacksonville and New England, but has played close games with Cleveland, San Fransisco and New Orleans. Maybe just like the Bengals the Falcons are only playing up to the level of their competition, but the one and only difference is that they are still beating the teams they are suppose to beat.
This is the game that the Bengals need to figure out if they are a running team or a passing game, because no one knows what the hell they are, not the coaches or the players.
This is also a game for someone on the defensive line to step up and make a name for themselves in the absence of Odom.