Recap South Florida Bulls vs UC Bearcats

Thats How 32,00 people felt last night
This was a bizarre game, that's the only way I can summarize it.
We let a shitty QB from USF look like Tim Tebow. Does anyone realize how bad South Florida's offense really is? They have not scored any offensive TD in the two previous games, and in that span B.J. Daniels threw for five interceptions.
Zach Collaros threw three touchdown passes, that is great but why is he attempting 53 passes?. I mean did we all of a sudden have amnesia and forget how to run the ball? I think it might favor the Bearcats if we get our best player (Pead) involved in the game a little bit more.

Too Many Throw
 I would love to give credit to USF, but I feel like UC did more to lose this game that USF did to win it.
The Bearcats self-destructed with a half-dozen dropped passes and 12 penalties for 115 yards, that just shows a lack of discipline and and a lack of maturity.
Seems like every big throw B.J. Daniels made looked like it came from a broken defense assignment. I know the defense is young, but you can't always use inexperience as an excuse.

Really only 8 Rushing Yard?
There was so many different points in the game that I though was a momentum killer.
Two bad kick offs by Rogers.
Barnet deciding to dive into the end zone from the 30 yard line even though he had a step on his man, but somehow he stepped out of bounds.
Collaros holds on to the ball on a 2nd and goal from the 5, then he is sacked for 15 yards loss, UC ends up settling for 3 points before the half.
Again Collaros holds on to the ball way too long, takes a 5 yard sack from UC's own 7.
A dropped pass by Binns that would have been a TD catch right before the end of 1st half.
DJ Woods dropping a pass in the final UC drive that would of have given them a fist down and maybe a TD.
Not using our last time out on the final drive to set up a better play, instead Chazz Anderson gets bear hugged and he throws an incomplete pass.
But the most deflating play of the game has to be when UC was stopped on a 4th and 2 in the 3rd quarter, but then USF takes over at their own 30 and on the very next play B.J. Daniels throws for a 70 yard TD strike to F. Hornes.

Binns Making Plays Like Always
 UC's offense stunk in the first half, but the defense did enough to keep them in the game. But in the 2nd half the offense finally came alive, but then the defense decided to take the rest of the game off until that one key stop on USF towards the end of the 4th.
I'm not an expert on all the football rules, but whats up with those two odd calls against UC? Why are those rules even in the official rule book. I mean did Butch Jones really dial up a play that requires the running back to tip the ball in the air and our center to run and catch it and rumble down for a first down? I mean these rules are so obsolete, it really needs to be removed.

Image: (AP Photo/Al Behrman), The Enquirer/Jeff Swinger
Stat: ESPN