Recap Syracuse Orange vs Cincinnati Bearcats

Like my friend said, there was more excitement at the pool table over at Arlins bar after the game than during the game.
I'm saying this nicely as possible, but Chazz Anderson fucking sucks. I mean there is really no other way to put it. I'm not really sure if he is a QB or a pitcher, because bunch of his passes looks like sinker balls.
Usually I say it's UC that lost the game, but after watching today game, it was all about Syracuse. They whopped UC's ass all over the field, offense, defense, special team. The Bearcats couldn't move the ball and when they did,they found some way to turn it over.
It was obvious the Bearcats where going to struggle today, because they couldn't run the ball. And I am baffled as to why we struggle to run, the Bearcats have a running QB and a great running back in Pead. I'm not sure what needs to change, but something needs to change, because when the Bearcats effectively run the ball they play great, when they are incapable of running, they struggle.
Wishing he had someone not named Chazz
As far as the defense goes, its the same old same old. I know the defense is young, but they have practiced enough and play enough to be better than this.
The Bearcats can't stop anyone on third down. Time after time, when ever there was a third down for Syracuse, they would simply run someone into the middle and complete a short pass to pick up a first down.

All I gotta say is I miss the Greg Robinson coached Syracuse teams.

Image: (AP Photo/Al Behrman)
Stat: ESPN