How To End High Speed Chase

They probably were just trying to get his attention to inform him that he left his drivers license back at the car wash. Once he was notified personally, he jumped out of his car, rolled on the tarmac and then proceeded to walk back to the car wash to save fuel.
But seriously, this is why I love foreign stuff, they could care less about doing it the right way. When is the last time anyone see an American cop do that? Never, all they do is drive slowly behind someone in a respectful distance and wait until give up out of boredom because they don't want to hurt anyones feelings.
What was the driver thinking? I must say it's pretty stupid to continue driving away from the police after hearing the siren, seeing the flashing lights, being rammed, 3 warning shots, then if all else fails, I guess the old fist to face will do.
Not only was the video bad ass, but who ever did the voice over just took it to the next level.