Re-Cap Cincinnati Bengals vs Cleveland Browns

Cincinnati Bengals 20
Cleveland Browns 23
Last week we where all whining about Carson play, so he goes out today and throws for 371 yards with 2 TD and no interceptions.
So how did we lose to the Browns?
Was it the bad call on Dhani Jones, who was called for pass interference that converted a third down for the Browns. Where the Browns eventually got a 1-yard run from Peyton Hillis.
Or was it a bogus call on Pat Sims who was called for defensive holding on Cleveland’s final drive. Instead of the Browns facing a third-and-nine from their own 12, they got a first down that helped them run out the final 4:41 of the clock.
Or is it the fact the defense couldn't stop the Cleveland's juggernaut offense?
What ever the reason maybe, the Bengals need to figure out their shit. I would like to see one game in the near future where the offense and the defense are playing on a very high level.
And why are the Bengals taking a timeout right after they are done measuring for a first down? It just seemed like a wast of timeout that we could of have used later.
The O line keeps playing like garbage, I just can't figure out these guys.
The Bengals offense seem to play well in a hurry up, so why don't we do it more often? To me it seems pretty simple, it something is working keep doing it.
I only have one thing to say after today's game. With the amount of talent on this football team there is no way we should be playing like the Cleveland Browns. It is just pathetic.

Image vis: (AP Photo/Amy Sancetta)
Stat: ESPN