Re-Cap Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Cincinnati Bengals

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24
Cincinnati Bengals 21
There are chocks jobs and then there was today's Bengals game. The only thing the Bengals know is how to do is play ugly football, and no one plays ugly football better than the Bengals

So what is the moral of today's game? To me it's not being able to finish the opportunities that you have.
Even Dave Lapham was mystified by the play calling today, and I can't say I blame him or anyone else that is question Bob Bratkowski play calling. Could there be any reason to call a passing play on 3rd and 13 while holding the lead with a little over 2 minutes left in the game? Sure I can see that the Bengals wanted to be aggressive and covert for a fist down and keep possession. But we are not the Colts or the Patriots. This team is mistake prone especially on offense.
When starting out the game with a handful of penalties it just not going to end well. Ft
I was watching the post game press conference and Carson keeps saying that the Bengals were a little bit off the whole game, but I got news for you Carson, you guys have been fucking off all year long.
I know everyone wants Carson to air it out with the type of weapons we have on the outside, but this team is not a passing team, this team is a running team.
For a veteran team they sure do make a lot of mistakes. what gives? The coaching staff can preach and teach all they want, but until the players do what is right, it won't change anytime soon.
I have to say this, for a  player like TO, he demands a lot and right fully so, but he also drops a lot of passes too.
Besides the New England game, this team has beaten itself, the discipline is not there, I don't see the emotion or the passion. I feel like I'm harping on the same thing, but this football team is filled with errors.
So right now we can put aspirations of going to the Superbowl to rest, let alone the playoffs.
People keep asking, what is wrong with Carson Palmer? Well part of its protection, part of its dropped passes and part of it is Carson. And I think Marvin and Carson needs to own up to it. Yes the third INT was off Chads hand, but Carson should of have never forced that play. For a veteran, he sure is making lots of rookie like mistakes.
After every Bengals game, the play selection is questioned, so now the question is will the Bengals turn into a primary running team? I think the Bengals have been pretty successful when Benson has been able to run and gain over 100 yards.

What this team need is to take this bye week and find its identity. I'm sick of the Bengals playing down to their competition, but then again this team might not be that good. But that's hard to believe, seeing its the same personnel from a team that won the AFC North and went to the playoffs.

Some might say, every single player on this roster, every coach, every member of the Bengals administration All losers. But I'm not quite there yet, as of now, I have not lost the faith in Carson and in this team. Just need to regroup and focus

Image Via: The Enquirer/Cara Owsley
Stat: ESPN