Teenager picked wrong transvestite prostitute to rob

Rufus Bowman

Joshua Bumpus

Sixteen-year-old Rufus Bowman was looking for an easy victim, but he picked the wrong one during a July 13 incident. Bowman was in the 200 block of West McMicken Avenue in Over-the-Rhine when, Assistant Hamilton County Prosecutor Ryan Nelson said, he approached Joshua Bumpus. "Mr. Bumpus is a transvestite prostitute," Nelson said. "He goes 6-(foot)-3, 280 (pounds) and was wearing a pink halter top and pumps." Actually, jail records list Bumpus as 6-foot-1, 290 pounds "(Bowman) approached Mr. Bumpus and, according to Mr. Bumpus, was trying to retain his services," Nelson said. The two men went into a nearby alley to transact business, Nelson said, when Bowman pulled a gun. The two men fought. Wearing dreadlocks, the 5-foot-7, 230-pound Bowman fired his gun. The bullet hit Bumpus in the arm, went through and lodged near his ribs. Even though he was shot, Bumpus continued fighting - and won. "He got the gun away from (Bowman), he grabbed (Bowman) by the hair and beat him down. He beat the (daylights) out of him," Nelson said. That's about when several of Bumpus' friends, also dressed as women, flagged down Cincinnati Police Officer Dave Kennedy. Other Bumpus friends helped Bumpus beat Bowman. news.cincinnati

This is exactly why I started this blog, so I can talk about situations like this. If I just looked at the pictures without reading the article, I would have sworn that Rufus looks like a transvestite.
I would of have never guessed that there would have been so many transvestite prostitutes out in Over-the-Rhine.
I only wish there was some kind of video of the fight. It had everything, guns, hookers, transvestites, cops this would have been epic. Lets this also be a reminder all who are thinking about a getting some service from the ladies at the corner; they very well might be guys that could take a gun shot and still kick you ass if you don't pay up. So my advise would be to cross the Ohio river and head to Covington or Newport for some decent service.
Forget about the transvestite and prostitutes for a second and lets talk about the real tragedy here, Rufus is a  16 year old bastard that is 5'7" and weights 230lbs, my God he should be a star running back somewhere in the city. I mean what freaking waste.