Mark Schlereth Needs To STFU

First of all everyone knows James Harrison is bitch and plays like a bitch.  If you hit helmet to helmet two times in a span of seven minutes and both times it causes players to not return, then you are head hunting. And your ass needs to be suspended and fined. Everybody in Pittsburgh, including Harrison himself refuses to acknowledge the illegality of those hits. Bunch of thugs.And rapists.

Second, Dunta Robinson's supposedly big hit was not illegal, he led with the shoulder and he still gets fined and to fine him is completely bull shit.

Third, Schlereth is another NFL player who took cheap chop blocks on defenders, was possibility the 20th best player on any team he played on, and goes to the world wide losers and acts like he knows everything. Mark Schlereth has no credibility when it comes to making any claims about fair play or what or what shouldn't be allowed. He has cited throwing himself at a guys knees after he has been beaten. Result of his illegal block, which he was flagged for, was a career ending injury, which Schlereth then admitted he felt no remorse about. Schlereth complains that the NFL wants to take money away from players for big hits but doesn't want to give money to retired players. However, the fine money goes directly to programs that benefit retired players. Also, the league has greatly improved benefits to retired players, including most recently the inclusion of players with Lou Gehrig's Disease within the "88 Plan."
Mark Schlereth is one of the worst analysts on TV. He's just a blowhard that thinks he knows everything about everything and likes to jump on the pile.