Kentucky Senate Race Rand Paul vs Jack Conway

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul angrily accused Democratic rival Jack Conway of descending "into the gutter" with a TV ad questioning Paul's faith and demanded an apology during a Sunday night debate that turned bitterly personal. The ad is based on published reports from an anonymous woman who claims Paul was a member of a secret society when he attended Baylor University. Paul has dismissed the reports as "ridiculous." A narrator in the ad repeats the claims from the woman, asking why Paul, while in college, tied her up and told her to worship an idol called "Aqua Buddha." yahoo

Is Jack Conway serious with this kind TV ad? Do you have nothing else to spend your campaign money on?
Is this the worst you can come up with against your opponent? I mean who doesn't bow down to Aqua Buddha when your in college. That's what happens when your hitting the bong from dawn till dusk.
Either way Kentucky is doomed.