Where Did The Bengals Pass Rush Go?

After the 2009 season, defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer stressed the need for the Bengals to be "a lot more of a dominating defensive team, hitting the quarterback more," as he put it.
Well my question is where is that type of pressure?
As far as I can tell the Bengals are far from dominant in the first four games.
Yes, we get to the QB when we blitz with LB'S and DB's, but where is the pressure from our D-Linemen?
I was watching the Bears Giants game Sunday night, and I was so envious how the Giants and Bears front four put pressure on the QB, I mean it looked so easy. So why can't the Bengals front four do the same?
I know Zimmer was counting on Jonathan Fanene to have a big impact this year, but unfortunately he is out with injury. So why can't the Bengals fill in with other players that are ready to step up and perform?
Is it that we don't have anyone on the roster with some talent that can pass rush?
I think we do have players that are capable of putting some pressure on the QB, that includes Michael Johnson, who has an upside as a pass rusher and is another option off the edge.
What about Geno Atkins, the guys has motor that wont quit.

So why not give someone else more opportunities, instead of keep running out Peko and Geathers. I honestly have nothing against Peko or Geathers, but those guys don't do anything, they are just not good enough. I know Geathers had a good season like four years ago, but that was four years ago.  Since 2006 he has a combined sack total of  9.5, and for DE that's just not cutting it. So whoever is in line next, give them a chance and see if they can step-up and produce.
And as far as Peko goes, I love the guy and his long hair, but the dude does nothing on field. He easily gets pushed around. The only thing I ever see Peko do is jump on top of a pile or pulling his shirt down around his waist. If you think I'm making that up, look at the next time he plays, after every play he is pulling down his jersey.
I just don't understand the Bengals loyalty to players that does not perform, look at other clubs that are successful every year, they keep changing personnel without loosing a beat.
Here is an example, Mark Anderson was cut by the Bears today, 12 sacks as a rookie in 2006 but 5 or less in every season since. That's almost as the same stat as Robert Geathers, but the only difference is Geathers is still out starting DE.
So hers is the stat for sacks and QB hits so far in 2010.
                                   Sacks               QB Hits

Geno Atkins                 .5                       0
Frostee Rucker             1                       2
Chinedum Ndukwe       0                       2
Pat Sims                       0                       2
Robert Geathers           0                       2
Keith Rivers                 1                       1
Michael Johnson          .5                       1
Rey Maualuga              0                       1
Tank Johnson               0                       1
Leon Hall                     0                       1
Chris Crocker              0                       1
Domata Peko               0                       1

That's a total of three, I repeat 3 fucking sacks, and none by our starting defensive linemen.
It might be time for a change, I'm just saying.