Which DE will step up in the absence of Antwan Odom?

I'm on Bengals.com reading Geoff Hobson's article about Odom and his suspension. And something strikes me, and no it's not his run-on sentence, but it's his outlandish suggestion that the Bengals have myriad of options as a replacement for Odom. I'm thinking Mr. Hobson must be high on something because this cannot be true. Because God know the Bengals have one of the worst depth charts out there. So it got me thinking, who can replace Odom and his zero sacks? And then it struck me, Odom sucks so much this year, we can replace him with Jerome Simpson and still get the same production.
But all joking aside, lets look at some replacements for Odom.
Could it be Johnathan Fanene, he is coming off a hamstring injury, but was somewhat productive last year.
Michael Johnson, he is young, fast and raw with a world of potential.
Could it be Carlos Dunlap, who has not played much at all this year?
Or could it be Adalius Thomas, the 33-year-old former Raven and Patriot, who is pretty much useless now.
After looking at the Bengals option, its safe to assume we will continue to suck when it comes to putting pressure on the QB.