The Saddest Video I have Ever Seen

Eric Barr packs up and moves to Berea for Browns

That's right ladies and gentleman, this man moved from Connecticut to Cleveland for the Browns football team. I gotta give it to the guy for his determination and his passion, I just wish he had chosen another team. I hate the Browns, but now I feel sorry for the this guy and the Browns. Because the Browns are about to crush another fans dream of being somewhat decent.
This guy said three of the most honest things ever, 1) after all its entertainment (Then why fuck did you move) 2) no other sports franchise is bad as the Cubs (That is very true) 3) Cleveland is a waste land (That is also true).
Listen buddy, I like your enthusiasm but I gotta let you in on a little secrete, just like the Bengals, the Browns will never win the super bowl.
I mean what in the world was going through your mind when you drove 566 miles every Sunday to go see the Browns?
So whats the moral of the story? No job, no family, no furniture, and living in Cleveland is still a better than living in Connecticut.